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Queens Solars is committed to leading the charge in the transition towards a sustainable world, providing market-based, end-to-end renewable energy solutions.


A gridded renewable energy storage power source (GRES system) is a system designed to store renewable energy, such as solar or wind power, for later use. It typically consists of renewable energy sources, energy storage systems (such as batteries or pumped hydroelectric storage), and control systems to manage the flow of energy.

A GRES DC Bus System refers to a direct current (DC) bus system used within a gridded renewable energy storage power source. In such a system, DC power is transmitted and distributed within the renewable energy storage system without the need for conversion to alternating current (AC). This can offer advantages in terms of efficiency and simplicity of control, especially when integrating renewable energy sources that naturally produce DC power, such as solar photovoltaic panels.

Our dedication to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction sets us apart as a trusted partner in the renewable energy sector.

The Queens GRES System is a smart and modular power equipment solution that integrates lithium batteries and MPCS (Microgrid Power Conditioning System). This system is designed to adapt to various application scenarios by flexibly combining lithium batteries, bidirectional DC/AC converters, bidirectional DC/DC converters, static switches, and power management systems. Here are its key features:

  1. Grid-Connected and Off-Grid Capabilities:

    • Grid-Connected Power Supply: Seamlessly integrates with the electrical grid for efficient power distribution.
    • Off-Grid Power Supply: Provides reliable power in isolated locations without grid access.
    • Off-Grid Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS): Ensures continuous power supply in off-grid scenarios.
  2. Advanced Power Management:

    • Static and Reactive Power Compensation: Improves power quality and stability.
    • Harmonic Suppression: Reduces electrical noise and enhances system efficiency.
  3. Multi-Energy Integration:

    • New Energy Sources: Can integrate renewable energy sources such as solar and wind.
    • Electrical Network: Compatible with existing electrical grids.
    • Diesel Generators: Provides a hybrid solution combining traditional and renewable energy sources.
  4. Environmentally Friendly and Reliable:

    • Green Energy Use: Promotes environmental protection by utilizing renewable energy.
    • Noiseless Operation: Suitable for noise-sensitive environments.
    • High Reliability and Security: Ensures safe and dependable power supply.
  5. LFP Batteries:

    • Ultra-Mobile Use: Leverages Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) batteries known for their stability and safety.
    • Zero Emission Rule: Adheres to zero-emission standards, making it environmentally friendly.
    • Adaptability: Suitable for different terrains and conditions, providing a robust energy storage solution.

Overall, the Queens GRES System offers a versatile and sustainable power solution that meets the demands of modern energy users while ensuring high reliability and environmental compliance.

GRES-75-50 *aprobat ANRE Energy storage: 75 kWh PCS Capacity: 50 kW Dimensions: 1680 x 1502 x 1700 mm (width, depth, height)
GRES-225-150 *aprobat ANRE Energy storage: 225 kWh PCS Capacity: 150 kW Dimensions: 1680 x 3026 x 1700 mm (width, depth, height)

QS GRES-75-50  

Energy storage: 75 kWh
PCS Capacity: 50 kW
Dimensions: 1680 x 1502 x 1700 mm (width, depth, height)

QS GRES-150-100 

Energy storage: 150 kWh
PCS Capacity: 100 kW
Dimensions: 1680 x 2644 x 1700 mm (width, depth, height)


Energy storage: 225 kWh
PCS Capacity: 150 kW
Dimensions: 1680 x 3026 x 1700 mm (width, depth, height)

GRES-300-200 *aprobat ANRE Energy storage: 300 kWh PCS Capacity: 200 kW Dimensions: 1680 x 3788 x 1700 mm (width, depth, height)


Energy storage: 300 kWh
PCS Capacity: 200 kW
Dimensions: 1680 x 3788 x 1700 mm (width, depth, height)

BRES 645 – 300

Battery Capacity 645 KWh
Capacitatea PCS: 300 KW
Dimensions: 3000*2438*2591 (L*A*I) mm

BRES 860 – 400

Battery Capacity 860 KWh
Capacitatea PCS: 400 KW
Dimensions: 6058*2438*2591 (L*A*I) mm

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Queens GRES System Configuration

1. Power Conversion System (PCS)

  • Bidirectional AC/DC Converter: Enables bidirectional conversion between alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC).
    • AC to DC: Charges the battery.
    • DC to AC: Supplies power to the grid or other AC loads.

2. Battery System

  • Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) Cells: Utilizes efficient and long-life LFP cells.
    • Battery Modules: Cells are connected in series to form battery modules.
    • Battery Groups: Multiple modules are connected in series to form larger battery groups.

3. Battery Management System (BMS)

  • Core Components: Protect the battery from overcharge, overdischarge, and overcurrent.
  • Balanced Cell Management: Ensures safe, reliable, and efficient operation by balancing the cells.

4. Energy Management System (EMS)

  • Monitoring: Tracks system operation data.
  • Operation Strategy Management: Manages operational strategies.
  • Historical Data Recording: Logs historical data for analysis.
  • System Status Recording: Keeps records of the system’s status.

5. Case and Protection

  • IP54 Protection: Provides protection against dust and water splashes, suitable for outdoor and industrial environments.

6. Ventilation and Climate Control

  • HVAC System: Maintains optimal temperature for the system.
    • Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC): Ensures maximum uptime and efficiency of the energy system.

This comprehensive configuration ensures that the Queens GRES System provides a robust, reliable, and efficient energy storage and management solution adaptable to various applications and environments.

Our diverse range of products and services includes

Commercial and Industrial Solar Installations

Our team excels in designing and implementing solar installations tailored to the unique energy needs.

Mini-Grid Construction​

We specialize in the development and construction of mini-grids, providing sustainable energy solutions for communities and businesses

Energy Systems Deploymen

Queen Solars is at the forefront of deploying cutting-edge energy systems, incorporating the latest technologies to create efficient and reliable energy solutions for various applications

Consultancy and Advisory Services

Leveraging our extensive experience, we offer consultancy and advisory services to guide businesses in making informed decisions regarding renewable energy adoption

Strategic Insights

Our experts provide strategic insights and solutions customized to meet specific requirements.

Environmentally conscious solutions

Our dedication to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction sets us apart as a trusted partner in the renewable energy sector.

Sustainable Energy Solutions

Queens Solars is a leading renewable energy firm with expertise in the construction of solar systems

offering comprehensive advisory and consultancy services for businesses.

The utilization of 500KW Solar Panel Bracket Ground Screws in our Ground Mounting System Project has proven to be a robust and efficient solution. These ground screws serve as the foundational support for the solar panel bracket, ensuring stability and durability in various environmental conditions.

Project Overview:
Capacity: 500KW
Mounting System: Ground Mounting
Key Component: Solar Panel Bracket Ground Screw

Sturdy Foundation:

The ground screws provide a solid foundation, ensuring the stability and longevity.


The system is designed to adapt to different terrains, making it versatile for a variety of project locations.


The system is scalable, allowing for the expansion of the solar installation as energy needs grow.

Easy Installation:

The installation process is streamlined and efficient, reducing both time and labor costs.

Eni. Consideration:

The Ground Mounting System with ground screws minimizes environmental impact

GRES-75-50 *aprobat ANRE Energy storage: 75 kWh PCS Capacity: 50 kW Dimensions: 1680 x 1502 x 1700 mm (width, depth, height)


This project show cases our commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

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